KillBall a two-player fantasy football game, played on our 3x2 panel Connected Playing Surface.
Games can be played over the internet, either in realtime or via email, so you will never be without an opponent again!
All the hardware is developed and the proof-of-concept complete, the code monkeys have written the game and we're just putting the finishing touches to the game artwork and all that clever stuff like integrated online leagues, team player editor, edit-your-team-colours and so on.

We're still looking for characters for the human team in KillBall. If you'd like to have one of the characters modelled on you, and to use your name in the game, just fill out the form on the following page:

Be in the game

KillBall is a fantasy football, spikes-and-armour blood-fest, played out on a 3x2 panel Connected playing area (each panel is an 8x8 grid, so 16 x 24 squares). We're looking for (human) player names and character profile pictures (including photos which will be enhanced to include the spiky armour so you don't need to get dressed up!)

Coming soon!