Starship Raiders a one- or two player sci-fi dungeon crawler, played on our unique modular interactive terrain.
The game app is currently in development and is scheduled to launch by the end of the year.
The game is campaign-driven, with each scenario being played out using a different app. You can play the game from any stage in the campaign, though characters managing to stay alive from one scenario to the next can pick up experience and develop skills as the story progresses.

All the hardware is developed, our first few scenarios are complete and in play-testing. As soon as the testing crew give us the green light, we're ready to launch!

We're still looking for (human) hero characters for Starship Radiers. If you'd like to have one of the hero characters modelled on you, use your name in the game, or even provide your voice acting skills, just fill out the form on the following page:

Be in the game

Starship Raiders is a story-driven sci-fi skirmish game aboard alien-infested interstellar space hulks. Using our unique modular 3D interactive terrain, games are played out over a number of "episodes" and characters develop (improving stats, gaining new weapons and so on) with each game. A raiding party consists of four/five human characters, male and female, guided by the voice of an off-ship commander. We need faces and names for all human characters.

Coming soon!