Works with your existing miniatures!

With nothing more than a simple magnet in the base, your existing miniatures can easily be customised to work with our range of Connected Games. Your moves are automatically tracked using your phone or tablet, rules applied, virtual dice rolled, modifiers applied and outcomes instantly calculated, allowing you to get on with the best part of tabletop gaming - playing the game!

How it works

One platform for multiple games

If multi-part sci-fi spaceship shooters aren't your thing, you could always use our large area skirmish area to play a whole range of different games! By utilising the same playing surface you can use your existing miniatures to play any Connected Game - simply choose the terrain to match your game, load up the app, and lay out your map - and you're ready to rock n' roll. No more learning complex rules, wading through massive rulebooks and paying out a fortune on new games; with the same Connected hardware you can play any game by just loading a different app!

Ready to play?

We Need YOU!

What makes every great tabletop/RPG game utterly amazing? No, not just great scenery and beautifully painted models (although these do help!). Every brilliant game has a great cast of characters.

We're not going to lie, creating an awesome back-story, a world setting, game rules AND a cast of exciting and interesting characters, then coming up with names and artwork for them all... it's a lot of work. So we're looking for some help.

Not much. You don't have to get stuck in to coding smartphone apps - we'll do all that - but we would love to use members of our gaming community as characters in our up-and-coming games. It'll take a minimum amount of work on your part - just taking a few photos really - but it would really help us out creating believing, interesting characters for our next few titles.

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