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Whether you fancy yourself as a fantasy football star, the leader of an intersellar alien extermination squad, the last survivor against a zombie horde, or even one of the undead yourself, we're looking for characters to feature in our range of games.

Our games are the result of the incredible gaming community, so we're running a random draw to choose the names and faces for characters in the first two app-based games: KillBall (fantasy football) and Starship Raiders (sci-fi dungeon skirmish). We also have two other titles in the pipeline: Last Night in Zombieville (story-driven survival campaign) and Legends Of The West/ For Few Bullets More (wild west gunfight skirmish)

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Last Night In Zombieville
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Interactive modular 3D terrain
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Starship Raiders is a story-driven sci-fi skirmish game aboard alien-infested interstellar space hulks. Using our unique modular 3D interactive terrain, games are played out over a number of "episodes" and characters develop (improving stats, gaining new weapons and so on) with each game. A raiding party consists of four/five human characters, male and female, guided by the voice of an off-ship commander. We need faces and names for all human characters.

Coming soon!

KillBall is a fantasy football, spikes-and-armour blood-fest, played out on a 3x2 panel Connected playing area (each panel is an 8x8 grid, so 16 x 24 squares). We're looking for (human) player names and character profile pictures (including photos which will be enhanced to include the spiky armour so you don't need to get dressed up!)

Coming soon!

Last Night In Zombieville is a small-scale skirmish/survival game played on a 16x16 and a 16x24 sized grid, with a small gang of human characters playing out a story over a number of individual app-based scenarios. Characters develop between "episodes", gain skills, weapons and equipment and can even influence the story arc and victory conditions for games further into the campaign. We need character names and profile photos (male and female) for the hero characters in the game. While zombie characters are usually generic, there may also be scope to have specifically named zombie characters too (if you've always wanted to be undead, now is your chance!)

In development

Legends of the West/For a Few Bullets More is a multi-player wild west shootout game with a degree of deductive reasoning. Every stranger in the town is a potential outlaw. Your job is to hunt down the real bandits while avoiding getting into a gunfight with a faster, more deadly opponent! The game is played on a small-scale skirmish board with suitable terrain/buildings. We're looking for (male and female) profile pictures and suitable bandit names can be generated from your suggested names.

In development

WIN! UKGE Competition

Works with your existing miniatures!

With nothing more than a simple magnet in the base, your existing miniatures can easily be customised to work with our range of Connected Games. Your moves are automatically tracked using your phone or tablet, rules applied, virtual dice rolled, modifiers applied and outcomes instantly calculated, allowing you to get on with the best part of tabletop gaming - playing the game!

How it works

Works with existing terrain/battlemats

Because we use magnets - a contactless method of tracking playing pieces - the sensors will even work "through" your existing terrain and/or battlemats and other scenery. So long as your miniatures are close enough to a sensor, they will still work, so long as the surface they're standing has a non-metallic coating.

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