Last Night In Zombieville a one- or more player small-scale skirmish/survival game, played on our 3x2 panel Connected Playing Surface.
The game app is currently in development and is scheduled to launch by the end of the year.
The game is heavily story-driven, with each "episode" being played out using a different app. You can play the game from any stage in the story, though characters managing to stay alive from one episode to the next can pick up experience and develop skills as the story progresses.

All the hardware is developed, having been used in our earlier game Killball. The multi-part story is a unique and ground-breaking way of playing tabletop games and we're still working on getting everything just right before we let our code monkeys loose on getting the game written!

We're still looking for heroes (and villians) for Last Night In Zombieville. If you'd like to have one of the hero characters modelled on you (or maybe even one of the zombies!) and to use your name in the game, just fill out the form on the following page:

Be in the game

Last Night In Zombieville is a small-scale skirmish/survival game played on a 16x16 and a 16x24 sized grid, with a small gang of human characters playing out a story over a number of individual app-based scenarios. Characters develop between "episodes", gain skills, weapons and equipment and can even influence the story arc and victory conditions for games further into the campaign. We need character names and profile photos (male and female) for the hero characters in the game. While zombie characters are usually generic, there may also be scope to have specifically named zombie characters too (if you've always wanted to be undead, now is your chance!)

In development